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MCB Consulting - Business & Performance ManagementMCB Consulting - Business & Performance ManagementMCB Consulting - Business & Performance ManagementMCB Consulting - Business & Performance Management
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What we do

At MCB, we view challenges from ‘outside the box’.  Our network based interim executives have the maturity, skills and managerial competencies to fill gaps in your organisations, lead projects and solve difficult and complex business problems.

Strategic IT

We understand the difference between day-to-day IT (normally managed by your in-house team) and long term IT solutions that can take your business to a new level. Creating strategic IT solutions requires a different set of skills which are best provided from sources that are independent of any software provider and independent of your in-house team.

Strategic IT requires more than just IT skills; it requires a breadth of management experience and expertise that can blend and positively impact any IT solution. Typical tasks that MCB interims get involved with are selecting new ERP software suppliers, project managing the implementation of new software systems, setting and managing contractual Service Level Agreements and mapping internal business processes. 

Project Management

At MCB we understand the need for different types of project management skills for different types of projects.

Project management is a balance of both project and general management skills. It allows the softer aspects of people motivation and commercial negotiation to balance with standard project components such as plans, gantt charts, critical paths and risk analysis to deliver a successful project outcome.

At MCB we provide interims that can restructure/enhance your existing in-house project systems as well as provide higher level project expertise for the more unusual project undertakings.  Extraordinary projects often require careful management of highly sensitive departmental interfaces and our interims have both the skills and depth of organisational exposure to manage such complexity and provide maximum benefit to the client.

Process Improvement through Quality Management Systems

Many businesses wish to have their services certified to ISO 9001:2000 and yet do not have the time or skills to develop their business processes so that they are compliant to the ISO 9000 standards.

At MCB we have a unique quality management approach that quickly and easily puts your business in the frame for ISO 9000 certification. This system is based upon both understanding and then communicating business processes to all employees. We can provide a manual or web based business process solution; the latter being the cheapest and easiest to implement and update.

Using ISO 9000 to Map and Understand your Business Processes

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