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MCB Consulting - Business & Performance ManagementMCB Consulting - Business & Performance ManagementMCB Consulting - Business & Performance ManagementMCB Consulting - Business & Performance Management
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Our Approach

MCB Interims and Corporate Consultants

At MCB, we view challenges from ‘outside the box’.  Our network based interim executives have the maturity, skills and managerial competencies to fill gaps in your organisations, lead projects and solve difficult and complex business problems. The table below shows how we differ from corporate consultants.

  MCB Interims Corporate Consultants
Person A seasoned line manager with 20 years plus of organisational exposure. Cross-sector experience, sometimes professionally qualified too e.g. MBA. Often a good university background and perhaps a MBA too. Usually spent whole career in corporate consulting even if currently employed in a niche consultancy.
Skills and expertise

Can analyse complex business problems then recommend and implement innovative solutions, all to time and within budget.

Can analyse business sectors and companies’ competitive positions and recommend alternative improvement strategies. Separate projects teams are required for implementation.
Loyalty A MCB interim’s first loyalty is to his client. There is no conflict of interest with their corporate employer. A corporate consultant’s first loyalty is to their consulting firm which provides for their long term career.
Motivation A MCB interim is motivated by challenge, delivering improvement and adding value. When the task is complete, an interim is looking for the next challenge. Varied work, intellectual challenge and promotion within the consultancy organisation. This is often based on the ability to generate fees.
Approach MCB interims use their varied sector exposure to develop innovative solutions that provide individualised added value. Corporate consultants engage corporate methodologies to promote the consultancy’s brand of ‘best practice’.
Appointments MCB interims are able to accept full executive or project responsibility from the outset. They hit the ground running. Corporate consultants advise and recommend courses of action to their clients. Implementation is left to the client or a separate team.
Undertaking the work MCB has a tight network of independent, flexible and versatile executives which means that we offer the right person for the job or we don’t offer at all. Corporate consultancies have hierarchical career paths. Senior consultants ‘sell the job’ and more junior consultants complete the work.
Speed of Execution All MCB interims have the capability to both analyse and implement. This speeds up the process of execution. Corporate consultancies have different teams for selling/proposing work, analysing business requirements and implementing solutions.
Imparting  knowledge and skills A MCB interim can coach/mentor others and will always offer informed and impartial advice. Junior consultants learn from senior Consultants, gaining experience at the client’s expense.
Fees As a network based organisation MCB offers high quality executives to blue chip and SME clients without the overhead costs. Day rates vary between £400 and £1000. £700 per day will buy you a graduate. Senior consultants are £1200 and partners can cost up to £2k per day. For the ‘big 4’ add 50% to these figures.



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